Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Cute Press Junket Interviews From LA

Ticket - Cute interview where Rob (and Kristen) answer questions from fans who submitted them in a video. At about 2:50.

Flicks With Patrick Stoner - Rob talks about the "irrational" and "angry" side of Edward (and why he liked it).

NBC LA - Rob and the cast talk about their gift-giving ways (cute). Watch on YouTube or below.

Espectacular TV (Spain) - watch below or at the source.


Can you tell us something about your character in this latest installment?

The story is a little melodramatic, but it also has parts that could seem corny.. how did the director avoid that?

How was it to film the sex scene? (You gotta watch his answer)

Will we in this film or the next one get to see an Edward that doesn't spend the whole time feeling guilty?

Catch up on everything else you might have missed!

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