Friday, December 2, 2011

Breaking Dawn: More Interviews & Videos From Berlin

B.Z. Berlin: Rob talks about why he loves Berlin, and answers whether he'd like to be present during a child birth (funny answer). Click to read.

MSN - Rob talks sex scenes and more - click to watch or watch below.

Madchen.de - Rob talks Kristen (he's a fan), intense fans, and his music.

RTL: Rob talks birth scene and fans wanting to recreate it (lol.. eh no) also mentions Cosmopolis sex scenes - click to watch or watch below.

ZDF (Click to watch in HQ) or below - thanks TwilightMami08 :)

Viva - Rob talks about (actually talks to) his growling stomach and more..

Bravo talks to Rob about his suit (at about 2:00).

Coming Soon (Rob talks about Kristen not being at the premiere) at about :40.

Bravo (Lots of great answers from Rob)

Movie Maniacs - In this interview Rob answers the big question: what would he name his baby?.. (at about 2:15).

Press Junket and Red Carpet - (starts at about 15:00)

Red Carpet

Catch up on everything else from Berlin!

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