Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12.12.12: Is Eric Packer Trying To Tell Us Something?

UPDATE 12/20: Scratch everything you've seen or heard. While the image below may be a good first try at selling/promoting Cosmopolis, a producer tells E! it is not the official poster and that date is not sticking:

"I can confirm that that is neither the official poster, nor the official release date," one of the producers of the film promised us. "We are still completing work on the film, and there are several inaccurate stories circulating on both"

Could the date be only for certain international markets? maybe, after all that's where the new promo image and clip came from.  We'll share more details as we get them!

UPDATE 12/18: Added better quality version of poster with text in English.

Our first look at a Cosmopolis trailer was out of Portugal, and now Russia gives us a new poster and reconfirmation on the release date. Guess Cronenberg wasn't kidding when he said this was an international production. Here's hoping the U.S. gets some of that same promo love when the time comes.

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