Saturday, December 10, 2011

More Cute Press Junket & Premiere Interviews

The latest ones that you might have missed in this post.

Today (Singapore)  - Click to read. Writer was not a fan.. until she met Rob ;) - added audio of interview below.

Kerri-Anne (Australia) Rob talks about the one time he lost it with a director (at about 2:30).. any guesses? ;)

Hot Topics

Rob talks about shooting the wedding scene (very cute) - Click to read.

Rob talks to the LA Times about the challenges of filming four films in a row. Click to read.

CineBox (Portugal): Rob talks Cosmopolis, Breaking Dawn and costars mention him as well. Click to watch.

RTP - Mentions Cosmopolis, Breaking Dawn - Click to watch.

PhilStar.com (full interview)

Bristol Evening Post (some familiar quotes, but a few are new)

Rob talks the gory birth scene with the Press Association (UK) - Click to watch.

Yahoo (Rob talks what's next, favorite Breaking Dawn scenes).

Hollywood & Dine (Rob talks Kristen's Italian cooking).

Bill Condon gives great details to THR - Click to watch.

Alex Medela

Prosieben.de  (Click to watch) or watch on YouTube below (Kristen talks Rob at around 11:00)

Los 40 Principales (Click to watch and hit Bloque 1, 2, 3) or on YouTube below

My Fox Detroit

Kristen talks wedding/prom dance song and Rob :)  with EW.

JoJo (now with video) - watch the ones with the rest of the cast.

Bill Condon talks Rob and Kristen & their chemistry

Telecine (at about :50)


Time Warner Cable

USA Today  (Rob and Bill sharing ideas on Breaking Dawn over beers and pizza) MUST READ.

Reelz Channel

Fandango (cast answers fan questions) - Watch on YouTube or below.


Evening magazine

iVillage (Kristen talks Rob)

Iltasanomat (Stockholm)

Elizabeth Reaser talks Rob

Mackenzie Foy talks about working with Rob (cute) - read at the source.

Aftonbladet (Stockholm) - Watch on YouTube

Telefe Noticias (Argentina)

Kevin's Reel World

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