Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WFE Promo: Bravo Magazine's Interview & Picture With Rob In LA

It looks like the interviews Rob conducted in LA for Water for Elephants promotion are starting to come out. Bravo magazine posted theirs already, and this is the rough translation (via PattinsonLife) - There's a mention again about the dog he allegedly adopted. But this time it's his costar from Water for Elephants.. hmm, somewhat different than what the Daily Record reported. Guess we'll have to wait for confirmation.

I rescued my Movie-Dog

Pale skin, tousled hair, dark circles around the eyes. "Twilight“ – Star Robert Pattinson seems a little tired out, as I, the Bravo-Reporter, meet him for this interview at the Four Season Hotel in Beverly Hills. May the reason be a secret visitor in his bed?

You look tired. Didn´t you sleep well?

The days of shooting are hard in my bones. Also I traveled last night in a private plane from the Breaking Dawn Set in Baton Rouge – Louisiana to Los Angeles (3000 km) for this interview with you.

The "Twilight“ shooting seems to be very complex?

We shoot two movies at ones, so the shooting takes longer. I would like to tell you more from the set, but I´m not allowed to do so.

What we know is: Bella and Edward get married and she gets pregnant. How is your Kristen as a Mom to be?

I think the pregnancy its very becoming to her. The fake baby bump looks really authentic. Personally she wants to wait before she has kids.

Lately we not only saw you snuggle with her, but also with a little dog. Do you have a new friend?

Yes, my partner from my new movie "Water for Elephants“ – a Jack-Russel-Terrier grow to my heart. He´s from a shelter and should have been turn back to the shelter after the shooting. I couldn´t do that, so I adopted him. Only the right name is missing yet.

How do you call him?

I just say: "Dog come here“ . He understands this and doesn´t move from my side. "Dog“ did a good catch, from the shelter to a moviestar. As we checked in at the hotel in L.A. he got a bowl with luxus-water. I had to watch out for his pampering. Not that he will be a diva in the end.

Is he allowed to sleep in your bed?

Normally not. But sometimes, when he jumps at night in the bed, I am just too tired to remove him from the bed. I should be more strict with him.

 In "Water for Elephants“ your hair is a neat side parting. Do you like this better than your tousled hair?

Uhm....I think I look a little bit to well-behaved, what do you think? My hair seems to live a life of its own. The hairdresser on the set had to do much effort to get my hair this neat.

What look does Kristen like more?

I think the tousled hair (smirks)

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  1. i don't think he spoke about Kris!!! and i'm waiting about pix of the dog!

    1. it's real.. search this keyword: robert pattinson terrier