Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New 'Water For Elephants' Trailer Coming Tomorrow!

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that the second Water for Elephants trailer will debut online tomorrow:

The trailer will be posted on Amazon.com at 5 p.m. PST. A promo for the trailer will run later on American Idol.
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Variety adds a little more on what we can expect via LetMeSign:

In a unique marketing move that helps it court younger audiences and readers, 20th Century Fox will give Amazon.com the exclusive streaming rights to play the trailer for “Water for Elephants,” that “American Idol” will hype during its broadcast Tuesday night.

Amazon.com will stream the trailer for the romantic drama for 24 hours, starting at 5 p.m., before it moves to other websites.

“American Idol” will tease the trailer in a spot that’s designed to send viewers to Amazon to watch the full spot, which is the second full trailer released for the pic.

So what do you think will be in the new trailer? let us know in the comments :)

Thanks to H2OforElephants for the heads up!

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