Sunday, September 30, 2012

New Stills In People, EW, US Weekly Collector's Issues

UPDATE 9/30: Most still are now in HQ (not scans and gorgeous) - check them out!

These latest ones added are from Entertainment Weekly's Twilight: The Complete Journey. We love the ones with Bella and Edward ;) - we showed you the cover earlier this month and a link to buy it. Here it is again. There are also some from US Weekly's special issue.

Click for HQ

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The rest

Aww.. Charlie!

And check out this new still from Breaking Dawn Part 1 that's hot, hot, HOT!


Thanks to RobstenOwnsMevia/via/via

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  1. I love this!, cannot wait for new movie to come out!,soo excited!! Loveeee my Cullen's!!