Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rob Attends L.A. Dance Project Event

We love that Rob finds time from his usually busy schedule to support the arts. Tonight he attended Van Cleef & Arpels dinner for the L.A. Dance Project. Learn more!

The Hollywood Reporter has more from Rob at the event:

Before a crowd that included Dita von Teese, Chris Evans, philanthropist Wallis Annenberg and Robert Pattinson (drinking Coronas and using an electronic cigarette), Millepied's L.A. Dance Project company performed three pieces, including a new piece by Millepied (with costumes by Rodarte) and a dark, shadowy work by the late legendary choreographer Merce Cunningham that had not been performed in 50 years.

Portman and Millepied, plus von Teese, Pattinson and around 120 other guests, attended a pre-performance dinner at Disney Concert Hall sponsored by Van Cleef & Arpels and then all hung out for the after-party in an event area off the main lobby. Pattinson -- who is friends with Portman and Millepied and is said to live near them in Los Angeles -- told THR that he loved the performances but can't see himself ever dancing in a film: "I was inspired but I know my limitations." If he'd had to dance for a role, "I wouldn't have gotten it."

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: Even in the dark Robert Pattinson's hair next to Dita Von Teese looks great @ dinner.

: Robert Pattinson & Natalie Portman  dinner for LA Dance Project at Disney Hall 

A smiley Rob hanging out behind Rashida Jones

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  1. Rob looks good like he always does but he is still not like he used to be .hope he keeps strong during promotions , takes care of his health . this time will pass . he will get some peace after BD2 promotions.
    he has some very nice films lined up !!looking forward to all of them !!

  2. well if kristen was there with him he would be fine but hiding her out is so stupid i am tired of everyone feeling sorry for rob it is amazing how just because there were no pics of him doing anything with all the women he has been papped with doesn't mean he didn't do anything.considering she is the only one of the couple that wears anything given to her from her boyfriend and has let people know they were together over the last 2 of their 4 yrs together it is ashame he never wears anything given to him from her and he has never said she was his girlfriend so it seems he is the sneaky under the radr one in the couple so dion't put a kiss off on her when he has done worth did everyone forget when he was papped with that woman on the roof top by the pool and her in his lap all night while kristen was off working yeah

  3. he did not have to wear anything she gave him ,his love for her shone on his face when he looked at her .when she was around the world ceased to exist for him. she threw it all back in his face when she cheated . so i donot think she deserves any sympathy .but who are we to decide it is for them to decide .I support Rob in what ever he decides .personally i feel she doesnot love him enough otherwise she would not have cheated so he should move on .

    1. Why are you saying that as a fact?? LMAO! Fans dont know a thing! Grrr for the ones like you making up drama stories!

    2. definitely not a made up drama story go look it up on google ther a re quite a few pics of rob on roof top at party with woman in his lap while kristen was working on a movie also ther are dozens of entries on facebook and twitter from women he was with during his road trip several of them even sent pics to their firends showing him with them especially the young lady in texas that was sitting astride him on a luonger at the pool at the place him and his brit friends were at so he is not so innocent as everyine thinks

  4. Looks like you are over invested in their relationship . firstly none of us know the whole story .Rob does . No one knows whether they are together or split up .If they split , it clearly shows that there was more happening than a mere kiss becoz i dont see Rob letting go of a long term relationship becoz of a mere kiss and in case they stay together then it means she means a lot to Rob and he can forgive and forget what happened .but its ultimately his decision .

    As for your Saying that Rob has not been an angel then Kristen could have walked out of the Relationship anytime they are not married but she didnt so that was her decision .

    basically he has to decide , I support Rob , you can decide who you want to support that will be your decision but treat people with respect .