Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adiós Mexico! - Get Ready To Watch Rob Say Goodbye

Los 40 Principales has always brought us great coverage of Rob in Mexico. Now they are getting ready for an event November 7, in which fans will get to bid farewell to the Twilight Saga. 

It reads: "Yes, we're preparing the send-off. Robert, Kristen, and Taylor sent a goodbye message that we will broadcast during the (40) event at Azteca stadium". 

The stadium is one of the largest in the world so it should be able to fit everyone ;).

 Hope fans in Mexico City get to attend!

As for Rob saying "Los 40 Principales" - you don't have to wait. Just check out one of his first interviews with them for Twilight, and smile. (Greeting is at the top of the video).


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