Sunday, September 2, 2012

Charity Organizer Talks About Rob's Drawing & Contribution

It was amazing to hear that Rob's drawing (Unfinished City) for The Home Plate Project went for $6,400. Now we're getting a bit more information from one of the organizers, on how much this meant for the charity:

"Robert heard about us through his assistant Jeff. Jeff grew up with Cory Parsons, a key member of the Home Plate Project team.”

According to the organizers, Rob was really excited to create something to help the project, and when all his fan sites started spreading the word.. you know the rest!

“Bids came in from all over” “There was a worldwide response due to Robert Pattinson’s participation. It’s really what got us all the attention and helped us raise all this money.”

“The fact that a superstar like Robert Pattinson was willing to take the time to do a personal sketch is amazing.” 

“It took us from a good little project to something that raised over $ 50,000.”

And if you're wondering whether Rob is keeping up with the news:

Emory said the actor was told when the bid hit $ 3000 and that today (9/1) his assistant texted Pattinson the final, stonker bid.

So excited that fans once again came through, and pitched in to Rob help this charity. Good job everyone!

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