Monday, March 19, 2012

The Beatlemania That Is Twilight, Order Your Bel Ami DVD!

Maggie Grace sat down with Collider at WonderCon this past weekend, and she talked the craziness that surrounds Twilight and mentioned Rob (at about 5:00). 







While Daniel Radcliffe is no stranger to fame, he thinks Rob brings the sexy much more so than he does!

I have a weird relationship with fame. It's hard to live sometimes but I don't want to complain. People are nice with me and I think it comes with the way you handle things.

For example, I think it's totally different from what Rob (Pattinson) lives. He's a guy I like a lot - and no I do not have his cell phone number, I say this because it's always the first thing people ask me. He's a sex symbol. He's sexy and just need to do his brooding look for girls to fall. He has the perfect height to seduce girls, I'm the total opposite (laughs). He might be charming and cute, wild and sexy .. I do not have this kind of status, just look at pictures in the press. When we're put side by side, I look a little silly or I make faces whereas Rob always looks like a ladies' man. Therefore it doesn't help me when it comes to the ladies.
 Maybe because now that they grew up with me they consider me more like a big brother than a potential boyfriend.

And talking about sexy, it looks like you can now pre-order the Bel Ami DVD UK fans! - it comes out July 23rd (Blu-ray also available and region-free). As we previously told you, the U.S. will get it on demand May 4th, and in theaters June 8th.  

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