Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bel Ami London Screening Exclusive: Our Trip To The Cinema

We were lucky enough to be invited by Think Jam, to a special screening of Bel Ami this week. And our reps Lisa and Jessica were treated to more than just Georges on the screen, although that would have been more than enough ;)  

Here is Jessica's review end exclusive pictures:

Bel AmiBeautiful friend. Either way you say it is sums up my feelings on Rob Pattinson. I feel like it has been ages since we have met—me in the theatre and him on the screen, and I savoured every minute of it. Bel Ami was a wonderful catalyst for our cinematic encounter. Not only was the film breathtaking in all of its period glory but it’s themes of seduction and power were insurmountable, couple those things with the wonder that is Rob and you have the perfect equation. I can honestly say I left the screening without words.

When I arrived with my lovely friend Lisa I can tell you I was absolutely awe struck. Having never been to an advance screening before my thoughts on what it would be like were running rampant. However, I never imagined turning up at the very beautiful Soho Hotel for a trip to the movies. This was a perfect location for a screening of Bel Ami. You could just smell the money in the air and could definitely imagine the high flyers and deal makers holed up in their rooms with room service and an unlimited supply of Champagne.

The screening rooms were downstairs and the lovely Alice who was in charge of the event greeted us. She led us through to the screening room where a waiter offered us drinks ranging from Coca-Cola in the glass bottles and French still and sparkling water to delicious white wine. 

Lisa and I grabbed our drinks and started to “drink in” our surroundings. The room was all black accented with love seats upholstered in red leather and animal prints. Most of the guests were already in their chairs and you could just feel the buzz of excitement. The screening was for a very intimate crowd, I don’t think there were more than 50 of us so the entire experience was very special.

Things got underway with a few prize giveaways.  Under a few chosen seats were post cards that were numbered one to five. The first two were given signed posters from Christina Ricci, the Bel Ami novel, and a 3 pack of DVDs. The other three received a poster. 

Sadly I didn’t win anything but did sneak a photo of one of the winners seated in front of me. After the prize giveaways the film started and I was drawn into the world of the power hungry Georges Duroy and the events that lead to his destruction, or as he would say success.

Over all I would say that I found the film to be intriguing. I was constantly finding my self wondering what is going to happen, how Georges was going to make it on this path to social stardom, and who was it that he ultimately loved? - While the feeling of suspense and being caught up in the story is what I ideally love to encounter whilst watching a film, I found Bel Ami to leave me a bit wanting. Without giving too much away, I didn’t find that the story really led me to a place of satisfaction. However, the journey was exciting enough that I didn’t mind the ride!
Rob played the part of the “down and out soldier looking for his place in the world” character brilliantly. In true Rob fashion, every layer of emotion that Georges was feeling and experiencing was evident in every move and expression Rob made. You truly could feel the anger seeping out of him on to the screen and straight into your soul.  The honesty that Rob brought to the film was stunning. The supporting cast didn’t do so bad themselves. I would have to say that Christina Ricci’s character, Clotilde de Marelle, was probably my favourite.
Clotilde was a young wife who clearly married for social stature but was a lively and adventurous girl who longed for love and excitement and she found that with Georges. I found my self captivated by her perception of Georges Duroy, and throughout the entire film I was rooting for them.  Go see them film to find out the status of all the relationships and try and make sense of the tangled web that this film has woven—believe me it is worth it.

I highly recommend that not only should Rob fans see this film but lovers of period dramas and enthusiastic film buffs should as well. It is a wonderful depiction of human nature and the trials and tribulations of fighting your way up the social ladder. As an audience member you will no doubt find your self transported to this frustrating time in Paris. I know that I was, and I hope you find it as moving as I and my other fellow screeners did. The hotel lobby was buzzing with chatter of the film and of the intense performance that Rob conveyed. All in all it was a great night had by all.  

Thank you Jessica and Lisa for making us long for Georges even more now - Bel Ami is out in UK theaters. Go watch and support Rob!

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