Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More 'Bel Ami' Buzz & Amsterdam Gets Screenings

While most of us painfully wait for Bel Ami to be released while we pine over new stills, some fans are getting lucky. Amsterdam is the second city in the last few weeks to schedule public screenings of the film. 

If there are still tickets available, you can get them at their site. Have fun ladies!

Some great news for this indie, is that movie critics are taking notice - and in a good way. The London Evening Standard giving Bel Ami its seal of approval:

Still, there are signs of intellectual life in the cinema in 2012: the best-written upcoming movie I've seen is the riveting romp of Bel Ami, with Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas in Maupassant's masterpiece.
Again, it succeeds because the original work is both sexy and clever: a plot turning on multifarious adultery, secret plans to invade Morocco and the power of the 1880s press. And, yes, of course we like to watch Uma in a velvet frock-coat, bewitching the arriviste Robert Pattinson as Georges: but we do have to keep half an eye on the machinations of the proprietors and French intentions in Africa to fully enjoy it.
Like a lot of critics, I've done my share of moaning about dumbing down. So credit where it is due: this looks rather like the year of dumbing up. Sex on screen is cheering. Sex and sensibility's even better.

We hope the good reviews continue!


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  1. The London Evening Standard is such a snob. Describing Robert as an "arriviste" is a way of saying he is a nobody with no background that anyone on the Standard payroll could ever really respect.

    Robert's real mistake for these snobs is to be hugely popular. That he can ACT is beyond the Standard's ability to recognize!