Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fan Shares Pics & Reax After Watching 'Bel Ami'

Bel Ami screenings in Belgium are causing quite the uproar on twitter, today Rob even trending worldwide thanks to the word of mouth. One of the lucky fans who got to see the film, shared her reaction and pics of her fun night out. Thanks for sharing Julia! (@NewmoonVampire1).  

Lucky, lucky Julia holding her ticket 

Poster for the Ladies At The Movies event on the screen and goodies fans got for attending.

Ready for showtime!

Julia's reaction:

Just one  word to describe: Perfect!!! 

I love the story!!! the role play & the actors.. Rob played it perfectly!!

He plays Georges like he would be him (I would believe he's Georges if I did not know him already) I Love Bel Ami!! I love Georges (I would definitely marry him lol).
I think it's the best character he's played!! (with Edward) it's different to all before  .. he had so much emotions and was erotic,  just adorable!! 

and YES we can see him naked  *_*  pureeee erotic!!! omg he's so damn sexy - I bet all Rob lovers stop breathing after watching this movie :) like me.
Rob I thank you!!! And you can say what u want but I agree once more that Rob is one of the best actors in our world!!!
And it was so worth the drive!! Wish I could see Bel Ami now again *_* but now waiting 4 months.. 
Now realize I saw one of the best movies ever from the men I love every day more and more.
I'm sure everyone will love Georges :) 

Julia (newmoonvampire) 

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