Monday, January 9, 2012

News Wrap: Bel Ami, Cosmopolis, Unbound Captives

There were Rob mentions all over the web today, so we're giving you a little wrap, so you don't have to go clicking for one quote posts (we hate spamming you).

Bel Ami

In a new interview Rob's double talks about getting the part, and his experience on set:

How did you become the double of Rob in Bel Ami?

In 2010 I was the Hungarian X-Factor promo’s face and they saw me and called the Bel Ami’s casting. I tried and I got the role. Then they asked me if I wanted to be Robert’s double, and I said: Of course :)

How was this experience? Did you enjoy it?

It was amazing! To be on set with such great actors! Robert and me act in a scene together! He is a very good actor, and very kind!

Can you tell us a funny story about Rob?

Actually I don’t remember! - Once I did ask him if he knows Natalie Portman, and whether they are good friends. But he just laughed about this…

What is your favorite movies played by Robert Pattinson? And Why?

I  love Little Ashes! My favorite painter is Dali, and Robert was a Great Dali! 

According to IMDb, Bel Ami will be released in the U.S. on March 2nd. We'll let you know when we get an official confirmation on that. 

Unbound Captives

Madeleine Stowe briefly mentions working on Unbound Captives in an interview out of Spain. Twilight Poison has the translation. The last time Rob was asked about the project (late last year), he said he might be too old to play his part. We shall see!


The buzz for this film continues to build, this time The UK's Telegraph doing a piece on why this is a great role for Rob. Read at their site

Ion Cinema took a guess at what Cronenberg has already teased, that Cosmopolis will likely have a presence at Cannes and Toronto:

With Binoche and Amalric in the mix the logic is a grand Cannes red carpet premiere with plenty of buyer activity thinking of the fall season and milking it for Pattinson presence factor. If this becomes a fall release, look for a TIFF North American premiere.

We can't wait!

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