Thursday, April 11, 2013

'Map To The Stars' Production Pushed Back To July According To Production Weekly

UPDATE: Producer Martin Katz denies the info is correct, saying those details are not confirmed. Read more.

Last we heard, David Cronenberg was set to start filming Map to the Stars with Rob in LA sometime in May. But now Production Weekly lists the start as July via:

Production Weekly Update: “MAP TO THE STARS” Feature Film
STATUS: July 2013
LOCATION: Los Angeles – Toronto
PRODUCER: Robert Lantos – Martin Katz – Renee Tab WRITER: Bruce Wagner
DIRECTOR: David Cronenberg LP: Joe Boccia CAST: Robert Pattinson – Viggo Mortensen
PREMISE: Story of a Hollywood child star and the corruption of tinsel town.

So it sounds like the only film possibly about to get underway is Mission: Blacklist. However we also haven't gotten a confirmation on that. Keep you posted.

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