Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oh My.. Alleged Details Of Rob's Dior Revealing Ad Campaign

UPDATE 4/4: Life & Style mag claims to have more details about the steamy ad:

A Dior insider tells Life & Style of the almost too-hot-for-TV ad, which will hit screens and billboards this May or June, “in one scene, Rob’s shirtless while simulating a foursome with three hot blond models.”

But it doesn’t end there. Other scenes feature Rob chasing a model around town wearing only Dior jackets, and in another scene, “Rob and the model are in a swimming pool making out and he's seen giving her a blow back with a cigarette at one stage, too,” the source details of the racy campaign.

The ad, which will run for a year, is currently the talk of the fashion world and “is one of the most eagerly awaited adverts in years," an insider explains to Life & Style.

Last time we heard from Rob on his rumored Dior ad campaign, he didn't confirm it. But he also didn't deny it, and now The Sun has published what it says are details of the alleged raunchy campaign, that according to the British paper we should be seeing sometime in May:

A Dior source revealed: “The advert is sexually explicit. It is pushing the boundaries of what you can get away with in advertising.

“Robert is topless for part of it and kissing one of the models with tongues. He really gets stuck in.

“There’s another scene where he takes part in a foursome in various states of undress, although it’s not clear whether those scenes will make the final cut.

Before you get all hot and bothered, let's remember where this info is coming from, and take it with a grain of salt. Having said that, this is one rumor we can live with ;)

Read the rest, including how much Rob was reportedly paid for the campaign at The Sun.

UPDATE 3/21:

Since the story broke, we've gotten some feedback about the potential for a racy shoot. The Telegraph says:

Apparently Dior are trying to "ruffle some feathers" with the supposedly raunchy ad. But as exciting as that sounds, it doesn't quite seem to fit in with creative director Raf Simons's very sophisticated new look for the brand, so we expect that in reality the pictures will be more 'arty' and significantly less 'blue movie' than The Sun's description makes them sound. We'll just have to wait until May, when the ads are slated to be unveiled.

New York magazine echoes what The Telegraph had to say:

Hey, once the wall sconces dim ... but can you imagine rosy-cheeked Raf offering his input?

With Dior keeping mum on the rumor, it looks like we're just gonna have to wait until May rolls around to find out whether The Sun is right. Bring it on!


  1. The Sun is up there with The Enquirer,both known for publishing stories that aren't even anything close to the truth.

  2. considering the sources........a huge bucket of salt

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