Friday, April 26, 2013

Wrap: Mission Blacklist, Map To The Stars, QotD, Hold On To Me

It's been a busy last few days of updates when it comes to Rob's upcoming projects. Here's the gist of it.

Mission: Blacklist: Eric Maddox just told an Oklahoma TV station the film will start filming in August. Screenwriter Dylan Kussman seemed to confirm that in this tweet. You can watch the date mention around the 5:00 mark.

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But if that timeline is correct, that would make for a very tight filming schedule for Rob, since eOne has confirmed  Map to the Stars will start filming in July, and producer Cassian Elwes had mentioned a September start for Queen of the Desert. We'll find out soon enough.

Speaking about Map to the Stars, eOne also confirmed they are aiming for a 2014 release. And the Map to the Stars fan site shared the names of the characters Rob and his costars will have in the film.

Moving on to Queen of the Desert, news broke this week that James Franco may be taking over Jude Law's role, after he dropped out of the film. You can read the details over at Deadline Hollywood.

And mystery solved! - seems Rob's trip to New York a few days ago was all about Hold on to Me. Read the scoop.

Stay tuned for the latest updates as we get them. Busy time for Rob!


  1. Hell of a potential schedule Rob's got! But since they are all indies seeing him actually on the set is believing as to start dates.
    MTTS is the one I'm most anticipating. Cronenberg has been trying to get it made since 2006. Guess he had to wait for the stars to align and Rob to be old enough and available.lol

  2. Very sad that MBL has got delayed .....hope we hear about his dior campaign soon . Hope that is not a rumour

    1. yes, i so want there to be truth to this speculation...and wouldn't it be great if dior actually managed to put rob in a campaign story-line that's well done, and NOT groan-worthy (like brad pitts!)in a negative kind of way..
      for instance, i love the director's presentation of charlize theron's fragrance campaign ad...she doesn't talk, no one talks as she moves through her paces, or at least i never notice! the thoughts are added in just the right way..i never tire of seeing that one..
      so--hoping dior managed to do rob proud, should this opportunity exist for him...(and us!!)

  3. i understand everyone has their own feelings about james franco...as an actor and celebrity personality...for those of you who think he's "wow", ..good and
    i hear you..
    as for me, i cannot say enough what a bad fit--personality wise--this would be...all of a sudden, we'll be hearing franco mouthing about everything until this film becomes the james franco school of thought...ugh...
    i don't like him as an actor..i always know what i'm gonna get from him: intensity, angst and smirk (as in johnny depp wanna be)...no thank you..
    ewen mcgregor would be a much better 'fit', all around..
    that's my story, and i'm sticking to it!! lol...thanks!