Friday, September 23, 2011

Trainer Talks About Rob's Bond With 'Queenie'

This week's issue of LA Weekly caught our attention thanks to a cute story on some skateboarding dogs in Venice Beach. As it turns out they belong to a man who also owns Uggie or 'Queenie,' in Water for Elephants. Omar Von Muller shared a bit of that experience with the publication:

"Reese Witherspoon, who was in Water for Elephants, loved my dogs," he says. "I used to take Popeye, the big guy, with me, and she was crazy about Popeye. The dog wasn't even in the movie, but I'd take him along for the ride."

Uggie even won a "Palm Dog" -- a riff on Cannes' top prize, the Palme d'Or -- at the festival for The Artist. Animal- and gossip-related blogs claimed that Water for Elephants star Robert Pattinson was so taken with his canine colleague that he asked to adopt Uggie upon completion of filming.
"That didn't really happen," Von Muller says with a laugh. "But he did really bond with him."

Von Muller talked about his training methods and much more. You can read the rest at LA Weekly. We also managed to track down this video of Uggie and Dash (pictured in the article) doing some of their best work on and off their skateboards.

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