Wednesday, September 7, 2011

'Cosmopolis' Italian Distributor Explains Choice

It looks like italian fans have a guaranteed ticket to see Rob as Eric Packer when the film is released sometime next year. We already knew RAI Cinema will be distributing Cosmopolis in that country. But now Variety offers a bit more on what went into making that decision:

Given that Italian movies are humming locally, RAI Cinema's current policy is to buy less American product, picking mostly high-profile Hollywood titles that can generate big box office.

However "it's not easy to find available American blockbusters, so we've also focused on smaller films," said RAI Cinema managing director Paolo Del Brocco.

It acquired "Cosmopolis" starring Robert Pattinson from Gaul's Kinology; "I, Alex Cross," toplining Tyler Perry, from QED Intl.; and the live-action "Mulan," starring Ziyi Zhang, from Arclight Films Intl. unit Easternlight Films.

No word yet on when exactly Cosmopolis could be released, but director David Cronenberg who is busy editing the film, has pointed to a possible world premiere at Cannes.

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