Monday, October 1, 2012

Rob Attends 'The Black Keys' Concert In L.A.

The pic is from Sunday night :)

Just Jared has details on his pic with Kennedy, and what she said about her encounter with Rob:

“Black Keys at Sayers Club? In front of a scant 50 people? Doing a full set?? Are you kidding me??!!” Kennedy wrote on her Facebook page. “Next thing you’re going to tell me Robert Pattinson was there, and we spent an hour talking about booze and Buddhism. Oh, wait…”

More details on The LA Times and E! got a comment from the club:

"Perched on top of a booth, Robert Pattinson was seen sipping cocktails and engaged in the music, often catching him mouthing the lyrics and smiling," a rep for the club told E! News. "His spirits were great and you could tell he was comfortable and content. He truly looked happy."

TobyTalks posted this pic and note:

funday i help robpatt escape the paparazzi. he's super rad/sweet, btw. #xo #adayinthelifeofaDJ


  1. Lol chur chur hope the concert was good but can't tell who's either more tired or out of it I bags you Rob because you've been working so hard as well as partying n working towards getting your private live back on track if you can call it that but I guess that's the wy it goes glad to see you & Kristen are back on track I knew you would take her back as you are a 1 worman only kinda guy for sum1 so young

  2. That's Kennedy...Former MTV VJ...

  3. rob..hope i could meet u as early as i could not care whether u r famous or not

  4. love you rob,very sexy!!glad you and kstew is back together.great chemistry.every movie with both or one is in i will have!