Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rob, Rob, Rob.. Everyone Is Talking Rob!

Yeap, even stars can't fight the attraction. Just listen to AnnaSophia talk about the moment she saw Rob in person for the first time (at :23).

As for Rob's costars.. they keep reminding us just how nice he is.. Lisa Howard shared the details with WPXI.

Guri Weinberg also remembered the warm welcome Rob offered while filming Breaking Dawn:

He was surprised about how nice the cast was usually old timers are not like that on sets but Peter, Kristen , Rob were all especially nice

Read the rest of Guri's comments at Twilight Lexicon.

Lastly, even EW can't stop thinking about the first time they sat down with Rob (one of our favorite interviews of all time) as they look ahead at the next big thing in the making..

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  1. Aww Great Interview!! She was fantastic in Soul Surfer!!