Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fan Account: It's Showtime - 'WFE' Premiere - NYC

Blog contributor Chilbunch, has been sharing her Water for Elephants New York experience with us. Check out her latest installment :)

For the premiere of Water for Elephants fans with armbands were to arrive at 3pm, to enter the barricades across from the Ziegfeld theater to watch the red carpet. When we entered we decided to stand across the entrance to the carpet, not knowing when or where Rob would pop up.

Across from the Red Carpet Entrance
Photo Credit - www.color.com/waterforelephants

The Pattinson Family arriving for WFE Premiere

Around 4pm we knew Rob had arrived, based on the screams at the beginning of the barricades. Rob actually signed and posed for pictures with the fans for over an hour. He spent more time with the fans than on the red carpet for media interviews.

Rob Signing -You can see him in my camera view as I was videotaping
Photo Credit - Jeri  

The fans were pleasantly surprised to see Reese coming down the line behind Rob. She was very gracious and sweet to all the fans.

Rob entering Red Carpet

Rob and Reese at the beginning of the Red Carpet

Rob walking the carpet

Rob and Reese on the red carpet - a bit blurry until :25 in

Rob and Reese being interviewed

More Rob and Reese

We stayed in our place watching Rob and Reese on the Red Carpet until they went into the theater.  

 So I guess you’re wondering….was it worth staying up all night on a sidewalk in NYC for 30 second encounter with Mr. Pattinson? Without a DOUBT, hands down Hell YES! Would I do it again....hmmm I don't think so,,, but if  you recall I said that after the Remember Me premiere too.

Coming up next ….our Today Show Experience which includes video’s and pictures.

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  1. I got Reese Witherspoon autograph