Friday, July 22, 2011

First Look At Georges Duroy In 'Bel Ami' Trailer!

Bel Ami - Official Trailer [VOST-HQ] by Eklecty-City

And check out more screencaps that you can handle at RPLife.


  1. EXCELLENT!! Theme from "Cold Case", love that music.

    Ok, THAT'S my boy, right there!! *points* THAT! Robert Pattinson was born for roles/characters such as this. Georges Duroy, Salvador Dali, Jacob Jackowski...he is a natural, dramatic 'period' actor. He can step into the past, and embody a character so convincingly, and delishishly (yes, my word) it immediately endears you to him, so that you hate him, or love him, or both!

    He does a great job in the twilight films, I am team Edward, but SERIOUSLY...it is characters, and films like "Bel Ami" where he really shines, and where his career will thrive. I cannot wait to see "Bel Ami", and even more so now, "Cosmopolous"

  2. wow.. I think that was amazing! can't wait for the movie to come out.. this was so strong.. I must agree with Joan here that these kind of roles just are perfect for Rob.. So emotional, desperate, deep.. and if he is an evil in this movie I want to see that side too.. and I think he is going to be one dam good evil bastard.. :)
    he is an amazing, talented actor.