Sunday, July 31, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Newsie Items You Might Have Missed

Can you take 2 hours and 15 minutes of hotness?? - that's how long Breaking Dawn will run according to distributors in Australia. We don't expect Summit to confirm or deny this, but if they do, we'll be sure to update you. (Thanks to LetMeSign for the tip).

While director Bill Condon has been giving tons of details on the filming of Breaking Dawn, it was this quote from an interview at Comic-Con that caught our attention:

Q: One of the most insane places for Twilight, one of the most passionate places in the world forTwilight, is Brazil, how did you handle filming there with so many fans who are different from fans in America, who are very passionate?
Bill: But respectful. It was very interesting. You know Rob told that story when we were shooting  (laughs) but it was truly like everyone was in the street having a party and then suddenly one girl was like all over him (mimics arms across Rob’s neck, Rob’s surprised expression). And I think she was beheaded (everyone laughs)  because I did ask like two hours later “What happened to her?” and everyone was like “I don’t know!”(laughs).

We remembered hearing about that incident, so we pulled up the video for you to judge. And yes.. that would be Dean who was last seen with the girl. Take away lesson.. Don't. Mess. With. Dean.

Finally, the girls over at Twilight Series Theories are reporting that Breaking Dawn merchandise has started arriving at Hot Topics across the U.S. - While we haven't gotten our hands on those goodies, we do have some Comic-Con Breaking Dawn memorabilia we got from Summit that we'd like to give away to fans. Stay tuned for details!

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