Friday, March 8, 2013

Sarah Gadon & Judi Shekoni On "Extreme" Rob Fans

We have never understood why fans feel the need to attack people on twitter, and for ridiculous reasons. A few weeks ago Judi Shekoni was having some fun on twitter when she responded to a fan's question about this picture.


"saw pic& wondering if Rob was being a gentleman helping u w/a dress problem?:) pic.twitter.com/RGA4GZHh” or trying to look up my dress??! ;-)

Apparently that's when the crazies came out. Judi mentioned the incident during an interview in Miami:

"I'm wearing this yellow dress that's superlong on the floor, and he thinks he's going to stand on it, so he goes to lift it up. Then someone took a picture and posted it to my Twitter and said, 'Oh, did you have a wardrobe malfunction? Was Rob trying to help you with your dress?' And I wrote back, 'Or maybe he was trying to look up my dress.' Ha-ha, until suddenly, the replies I got were: 'Disgusting! Rob would never do that! Who do you think you are? Rob's a gentleman!'"

"And I was forced to write another tweet going, 'It's just my English sense of humor!' That was the only side where I was like, 'Oh wait, they have a bite!' But other than that, everyone has been absolutely wonderful."

This is her follow-up tweet:

Whatsup no offense meant from dress comment - English humor !!#lostintranslation

Seriously??.. and people wonder why twilighters get a bad wrap. 

And sadly, it's not an isolated incident. Sarah Gadon recently mentioned why she kept away from Rob's fans, while she worked with Rob in Cosmopolis:

"I kept mt distance, knowing that there might be backlash," says Sarah of working opposite Pattinson whose Twilight fan-base is comparable to Beatle mania or Bieber Fever."Caitlin, David's daughter, received more backlash because she was tweeting a lot of photographs from the set, and people were speculating about their relationship and proximity. I think too that I kept such a distance that they thought, 'We're not going to find anything with this one! We'll pin it all on that one!' It's terrible that that happens too. It's terrible for him because I take my work seriously, obviously, and so does he. It's not like you would ever compromise the integrity of your work by doing something... at least I never would. I'm boring that way."

We have a message for those people who attacked Judi, Caitlin, and scared Sarah off. Please think before you tweet, your words carry power. Don't use them to spread hate. Each one of us represents Rob's fandom for better or for worse, so let's make him proud and support him in a positive way, don't you think?..

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  1. So sad to read these kind of things... Even sadder to think that all fans are put into this sack all together...