Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kristen Talks Rob & Memories Of Key 'Twilight' Scenes

In this interview with EW, Kristen talks about the scenes she remembers the most from her Twilight experience. Rob is in many of them. Great read. 

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  1. I love what she said about the wedding.. like she is picturing herself for real.. a memories that had happened already lol. ok now im picturing it too ,, her and Robert .. if they broke up i think im gonna cry

    1. Wonderfully said Edz. So far they are on and taking about marriage. They are thinking about Australia after he films "The Rover". But they are doing great. Don't believe a lot about what the tabloids are saying. 95% of them are lies. They want to keep up try to make like they are not together and that she was wearing his underwear which if she is, so what. But when they sad dirty, Do you think she will tell that? She would never wear his dirty underwear. They are so stupid on so many things they are saying about them and trying to make them or Kristen look so bad. Provides great money for them.

    2. I just hope for the best for kristen and robert after reading many of the news published by the tabloids which appears the two are no longer in a relationship..but I believe the lovely couples (on and off camera) are taking their lovelife privately.