Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stephenie Meyer Talks Twilight, Rob's Fame & More!

Stephenie Meyer has been busy promoting The Host, and inevitably the talk always goes back to Twilight. She shares plenty in her new interview with The Times, including whether she feels guilty about the loss of privacy for the actors:

Here’s the thing: there are some actors who are looking to be world famous, to be that household name, and although they might discover that there are a lot of negative things involved in that, it’s what they want. But that doesn’t apply to Kristen and Rob. That’s what makes it kind of ironic and tragic.”

Read the rest. (We promise, it's a good one). And if you missed it, Meyer also raised a lot of eyebrows thanks to her chat with The Guardian. Check it out.

Stephenie also spoke with Hypable, and Twilight Lexicon shared their videos, where the author talks about having no say on casting Twilight, and preparing the cast of The Host for the built-in fandom they're getting.

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  1. I have never been a movie buff, So for Twilight Saga's to catch my attention means it must be good, and I loved all of them! Good work!!! I hope Rob and kristen can work things out! Sometimes trouble in a relationship can bring you closer together. I can name many stars who have fought infidelity, but are still with their husbands and wives. I am one! We both love each other and our past has made our relationship stronger than anyone can know! Do not give up unless YOU want to and have no love left for her. Otherwise you will regret not trying. She is young and the young sometimes make terrible mistakes they wish they could take back! She grew up with you, forgive her and move on together if you both still love each other!It has worked for me for 30 years this year. And yes we had infidelity problems that we worked thru and I could not imagine ever being with someone else or not having my love in my life! I could not live without him!!!