Friday, March 8, 2013

Twi-Wrap: Cute Behind The Scenes, DVD Sales, Twi-line, New Still

It's been a busy week following the release of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD, and Part 1's extended version. It's no surprise both are flying of the shelves and breaking records in the U.S. - THR has a nice breakdown.

We recommend you get your copies pronto, but in the meantime here is some of the fun extras you will find.

Breaking Dawn Part 1, 2 behind the scenes

All new scenes in the Breaking Dawn Part 1 extended version

Our favorite clip.. THE DANCE-OFF!!

We also got this beauty now in HQ. 


And for UK fans in need of support now that Twilight is over, there's Twi-line:

Some days we wish we had someone to call. Let us know if you try it! (update: The Mirror called and tells you what to expect).


  1. Would someone please tell me what Edward says right after he throws Jacob across the room in the extended clips? I just can't quite catch the words. LOL

    1. He said "I'll deal with you later" .. and to Rosalie.. "Protect them"

    2. Thank You! It has been driving me insane.