Sunday, March 7, 2010

RobPattzNews Review: 'Remember Me'

*'Remember Me' Poster in NYC Subway Station*

From its powerful beginning to its surprise ending, 'Remember Me' is one of those movies that connects with you in a very real way based on your life experiences. In this case, it's sure to reach out to many.

*'Remember Me' billboard in Times Square*

Please be aware the following review contains spoilers you may not want to know about. Stop reading now, if you don't want to be spoiled.

I was lucky enough to see 'Remember Me' on premiere night in New York City. It was without a doubt the highlight of my trip, since for me at least.. the city fully embodies 'Remember Me'.

We had to check in our cameras and cell phones before going into the theater. Once the lights went down - cheers erupted as the movie began.

The love story of Tyler (Rob) and Ally (Emilie de Ravin), develops as we learn about their backgrounds and who and where they are because of them.

Rob really captures the role of Tyler, the troubled young man who has a strained relationship with his dad (Pierce Brosnan). I don't know about you, but I've been there. It felt real enough to me. Very relatable. Very raw.

There is one particular scene at Tyler's Dad's office where things come to a head between them, and then.. funny moments. Funny relieving the tension. Funny when you least expect it.

And that to me is what makes this film stand out. The range of emotions that you experience as an audience member. And yes (for those of you asking), there are some very hot scenes between
Tyler and Ally, but even those sex-driven moments come about in the middle of other strong emotions that you don't necessarily expect.

There are also the not so palpable things, like the well chosen score & soundtrack that sets the mood in each scene, and the little clues that pop up, preparing you for what's coming.

Eventhough Lena Olin (Tyler's Mom) does not appear much in the film, her scenes with Rob, feel very genuine. But it's the relationship between Tyler and his younger sister Caroline (well played by Ruby Jerins) that takes center stage. As he picks her up from school and has daily chats with her in the park, you can really see the tight bond they share.

*Alice In Wonderland - Central Park*

Chris Cooper's performance is also a strong one. He plays a dad worried about nothing more, than keeping his only daughter safe. So I guess what's appealing about all of these characters, is that they could be you or me.

In the end.. they are.

'Remember Me' was definitely the best I've seen of Rob. But more than anything, for me 'Remember Me' is about New York. And the everyday lives changed forever on a sunny September morning in 2001.


  1. Gracias Yvette esta very very beautiful!!!!

  2. Mis mejores deseos para Remember Me, Robert Pattinson y todo el elenco :))

  3. Great review!
    I too had a chance to see this movie and I want to say that the emotional bond between certain characters is really touching. Like Tyler and his sister!