Friday, March 12, 2010

'Remember Me': The Power Of The Fans

After months of waiting the day is finally here! - a big step in Rob's career, as 'Remember Me' opens nationwide. And the big question being asked in Hollywood, was set forth by Yahoo buzz's Michael Krumboltz: "Can he [Rob] carry a movie that doesn't feature bloodsucking studs? "Remember Me" is his chance."

Reviews have been mixed so far, with 'Remember Me' tracking in the 30% range on the Rotten Tomatoes site, (which is measured by reviews and changes as more come in).

But as most twilighters know, reviews mean little, when fans throw their support behind a film or series. And this is where you come in, as writer Will Fetters reminded us last weekend on his twitter page:

"alice is gonna open at 100M plus, it's a monster. we need all the help we can get next weekend so friends, family, pets - bring em out!"

That still remains the case this weekend. Entertainment Weekly's projections, put 'Remember Me' at number #3 - with an estimated take of $10 million dollars. I particularly liked the challenge they posed to fans:

"Even the online Twitter and Facebook movements created by tween girls to support Edward Cullen this weekend are not going to do much to pull in the box office cash."

While the article goes on to say $10 million is what Summit was expecting, I say let's beat the expectations. Let's show Hollywood that Rob can definitely, and without a doubt, open a movie other than 'Twilight'.. and big. Let's be there for Rob, because like he himself admits in an interview with Parade Magazine, it's all about the box office numbers:

"It's like a kind of a monster thing. The more people think they know you, the more you're identified with a certain kind of role. People always used to ask me about typecasting and I never had to really worry about it. You think people will judge you by your work. But the truth is, it's about whether the film you're in makes money or not. And if it's not making money, they're like, 'Oh, he's over."

And as fans know.. he's far from over. So let's do this! Show up for 'Remember Me' today, tomorrow, and as many times as you can. Let Rob know we're there for him when it counts.

Here's a list of 'Remember Me' reviews. My favorite still remains Newsweek's. It does contain heavy spoilers (as well as most of the other ones), but really brings perspective to the debate over the movie's content.

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Finally, the pep talk of all pep talks. It comes courtesy of Rob, who recently mentioned in an interview that he couldn't get enough of William Wallace.

So I leave you with this call to action: Go! Watch! Conquer!.. for Remember Me!

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  1. Hahaha!! Twitter/Facebook campaign created by "Teen girls." Not so fast. We're definitintely NOT teens! Not even close! LOL

    RMSaturday :-)