Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wyck Godfrey Talks Ultimate 'Twilight' Movie Box Set

Read what could be on the Ultimate Twilight Movie Box Set over at Collider. Or watch at about 7:30.

Our friend Larry Richman added some more details of what could be included:


Ginormous #TWILIGHT Saga Boxed Set coming out for the holidays http://amzn.to/176ppsa That's French release but...US news coming soon.

If my French is accurate it looks like the #Twilight box set has 2 hours of unreleased footage.

Looks like all 5 films regular DVD + Blu-ray + an original 35MM frame in a collectible card (senitype) #Twilight
+ a set of pictures, a Renesmee pendant, new interviews, BTS footage, & 2 hrs of unreleased footage #Twilight

The total number of discs in the #Twilight box set is 23. Total running time is 600 minutes.

The #Twilight French box set is coded ALL-REGION, which means it will play here in US players. It has English audio or French audio.

More details as we get them!

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