Tuesday, May 21, 2013

'Map to the Stars' Production Update: Set To Begin Filming July 8th

UPDATE 5/22: According to Production Weekly filming will go through August 12. 

(Here's hoping we see Rob and director David Cronenberg promoting the film at Cannes next year)

According to Screen Daily, eOne did a lot of business at Cannes with Map to the Stars, and we reportedly have a production start date:

Deals have closed with Benelux (Cineart), Poland (Monolith), Scandinavia (Mis Label), Iceland (Gmight), Switzerland (PatheAG), Portugal (Lusomundo), Turkey (Calinos), Israel (Shani), Greece (Hollywood) and Former Yugoslavia (Discovery).

Deals are set to close shortly for C.I.S., Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Hong Kong and India.

Production is scheduled to kick off on July 8 in Toronto and Los Angeles on the ghost story that also doubles as a commentary on celebrity culture in Los Angeles.

Read the rest, and stay tuned for the latest updates as we get them!


  1. Great news !! This movie -- script , cast , driector and Rob --- the whole package sounds very exciting !!