Monday, January 4, 2010

Marcus Foster: Exclusive Interview

2009 was a busy year for up-and-coming musician Marcus Foster. We caught up with him in Seattle a few weeks ago, towards the end of the second leg of his U.S. tour. As 2010 rolls in, it promises to bring more road trips for Foster, who is preparing to record an album. But first comes Austin, TX. In March Foster will perform at SXSW, a place to get noticed by the U.S. music industry. He talked about his trip to Austin and his future plans, when he sat down with us after performing at Seattle's Vera Project. Our chat involved some headbanging (him), and a brief interruption when the interview went too long (us).

Foster's EP includes fan favorites "Kiss is a Knife," and "14 Times." It's available for sale on i-Tunes. You can also keep in touch with him and learn about upcoming shows by visiting his MySpace page. Finally, you can follow him on twitter at @marcusfoster1.

Here's a bit of his performance in Seattle.


  1. Muy buena la entrevista y me gusta la música de Marcus ;)

  2. *fell asleep*

    I feel sorry for the interviewer.

  3. The Santa tour! I can't wait to see Marcus play! His music is amazing.